Security Engineer - Enterprise Security

Job Description IronNet is looking for a Security Engineer to be a member of a team responsible for the security and integrity of IronNet's enterprise systems and product delivery. Contribute, learn, and grow amongst the best and brightest visionaries and engineers in the security field.  Responsibilities Have fun securing things - break, fix, repeat. Engineer adaptive solutions for enterprise security requirements. Investigate and analyze security alerts. Identify security vulnerabilities and compromised systems, and alert required personnel to address problems immediately. Monitor security controls, analyze data, and correlate events to identify possible intrusions. Perform periodic external and internal vulnerability scans to identify potential attack vectors, unpatched services, and determine system patch level across the enterprise.  Work with system owners to remedy problems. Document findings and resolution. Manage enterprise security technologies e.g., firewalls, endpoint solutions, etc. Develop, enforce, update and communicate security policy. Ensure that the policy is up to date with evolving security requirements. Work with other members throughout the organization to ensure that we are in compliance. Evaluate the need for and effectiveness of new security technologies in conjunction with the senior engineers/analysts. Interact with vendors and outside service providers. Conduct information system security engineering analysis on a variety of information processing systems. Develop security accreditation/certification documentation. Conduct security certification engineering analysis and testing. Work toward the highest standards in security engineering while ensuring that business requirements are understood and adhered to and securityrisks in new and existing infrastructure are properly understood and mitigated. Work with cutting-edge security technologies and utilizing a risk-based approach to properly test and introduce them into the overall environment. Be passionate in the pursuit of securing Ironnet's data and critical assets Collaborate with colleagues in various divisions to establish effective, and productive business relationships. Work with all interfacing teams to define and baseline the system uptime standards. Work to effectively and efficiently manage security monitoring, sensor enrichment and tuning, user behavior, networksecurity, endpoint protection, vulnerability assessment, and patch management. Partner with the other engineering teams to deliver seamless service and infrastructure services. Take responsibility for the management of ongoing security engineering support, and maintenance of technologies. Help to build an awesome company that is shaping the future of cybersecurity. Perform other duties as assigned. Requirements 5-7 years of experience in information technology and at least 5 years in information security. Working knowledge of information systems security standards and practices (e.g., access control and system hardening, system audit and log file monitoring, security policies, and incident handling). Experience with Splunk and Splunk ES, preferably in the design and architecture of Splunk and Splunk clusters. Experience in network traffic analysis and system log analysis. Security knowledge of Linux, OS X, and Windows. Knowledge of common networking protocols. Ability to and interest in learning new technologies quickly. Ability to interpret information security data and processes to identify potential compliance issues. Ability to quickly understand security systems in order to identify and validatesecurity requirements. Ability to effectively work as both a member of a team and independently with little-to-no assistance or supervision. Strong analytical, technical, and problem-solving skills. Strong oral and written communication skills. Willing to share knowledge and assist others in understanding technical and business topics. Desirable Qualifications Familiarity with firewall and IDS/IPS configuration. Familiarity with Tenable vulnerability management products. Familiarity with Carbon Black products. Familiarity with one or more common scriptinglanguages. Knowledge of the SSDLC process. Application security testing experience. Penetration testing experience.
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

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