Systems Adminstrator (Linux/FreeBSD) - Talos

Systems Administrator San Jose, CA or Fulton, MD

Description & Qualifications:

  • Receives general instructions for new responsibilities from supervisor.
  • Maintain/troubleshoot/deploy/monitor networks/servers/systems
  • Recommend and plan for future expansion
  • 3+ years of UNIX/BSD/Linux system administration experience
  • Bachelor s degree preferred
  • Ability to troubleshoot systems/networks

Desired Skills:

  • FreeBSD/Linux/VMware experience
  • NetApp C-Mode system maintenance/administration
  • Ability to write/bugfix Perl/shell scripts
  • Familiarity with common protocols/daemons: DNS/LDAP/DHCP/ActiveMQ/MySQL/Apache
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

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